Big winners of Les Misérables and Sweeney Todd at the Music Awards

Big winners of Les Misérables and Sweeney Todd at the Music Awards
Hans-Peter Janssens and Simon Kleinsma from Sweeney Todd, with the prize for Best Small Musical

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Les Miserables And Sweeney Todd They became the big winners of the Music Awards this year. Both producers won six and four prizes respectively for their presentation during the annual music awards ceremony at the Circustheater in Scheveningen.

Les Miserables It is based on Victor Hugo’s book about the poor living conditions of the French population in the first half of the 19th century. The musical was appreciated by both the jury and the audience. He won the statuette for Best Major Musical and the Audience Award for Best Musical, which people at home could vote for. And the other Audience Award went, that of Best Family Musical Cinderella.

became farther Les Miserables Awarded for set design and lighting design. Freak Bartels won Best Leading Male in a Major Musical for his role as Police Inspector Javert in the production.

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also Sweeney Todd He won Best Leading Role with Hans Peter Janssens, but then within small musicals. The award for Best Supporting Actor went to Samir Hassan for his role in it Sweeney Toddwhich also won an award for Best Sound Design. Sweeney Toddincluding Grand lady By Dutch theater scholar Simon Kleinsma, it is about a London barber who wants revenge on a judge who wrongly sentences him to fifteen years in prison.

blind dates It won Best Original New Dutch Music. The jury awards were chosen by Hilde Scholten, Henriette Toll, Maurice Lutikhois, Joy Kriken, Arno Gelder, Diane Zuidema and Jamie Lohmann, who was new to the jury.

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