Big wedding for Carlo? ‘Herald and I get married in a crowd’

Big wedding for Carlo?  'Herald and I get married in a crowd'

The busiest months will be for Carlo Bouchard, 53, and his fiancée, Herald Adolfs, 46. There may be a return from TV canteenthere are possibilities Arrange your thoughts and decide He’s getting a third season and there are still recordings of it masked singer in the program. “And then I’ll get married, too,” tells Carlo Storey. I’m really looking forward to that. We don’t have an exact date yet, but when we look at our schedule, it will be summer next year. It will be really big. With lots of music, drama and lots of drag. And our dear friend Erin Morse, who will be hosting the party. Yes, Herald and I got married surrounded by misfortune. They became very special to us because of Make up your mind, the program that Herald and I created and that we also made together. I hope they are there in large numbers. So it will not be an intimate wedding at all.

new villa

Carlo and the Herald do not yet know where the wedding will take place. Although it could happen in the backyard of a new villa in Landsmere. Three months ago, the couple bought a detached house on a plot of more than 7,000 square meters for about 2 million euros. Enough space for a wedding. Carlo lived next to his parents for fifteen years. In 2007, he bought the house next door to his mother and father. Continuing to live there, Carlo and Herald go to a villa where it is twenty times the size. In terms of distance, not much has changed. We now live next door to each other, but it’s not like we see each other every day. Next year we will be moving, and then it will be a five minute bike ride to my parents’ house. The fact that we chose this home really has to do with the Herald’s biggest wish. As long as I know him, he dreams of living in a place where there is enough room for chickens, pigs, goats and rabbits and I know what else. We will soon have our own petting zoo. Of course we already had some cats, and they really are my favorite animals. But soon there will be more around us.

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