Big brother lovebirds Vera and Dmitri have already broken up

Big brother lovebirds Vera and Dmitri have already broken up

Vera confirmed the news via Instagram Stories on Sunday noon. “It’s really over between me and Demi,” he writes older brother-star. I’m so sorry that didn’t work, because I honestly thought I had found love. This was not the case, unfortunately.

Dimitri shared his story earlier today love reality, Something Vera was not aware of. According to Dmitry, things did not go between them due to his “lack of trust” and his “jealous behavior”. I respect her choice and wish each other happiness and love. We’re still good friends and we’ll see each other and talk a lot. Unfortunately, the relationship ended. I still love her, but unfortunately she put an end to it. ”

Media pressure and obligations to the people doing the posting would also have played a role. We would have preferred it to be different, but it is no different.

Soon it turned out that Vera and Dmitriy had a special connection. However, many viewers had doubts about the sincerity of Dmitry. Many people thought they saw that love came primarily from Vera. But nothing turned out to be less true: when Dimitri Di Big brotherWhen she has to leave the villa, he writes letters to Vera and promises to take her home when her adventure is over.

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