Biden vs Trump again? This is not the case for Americans

Biden vs Trump again?  This is not the case for Americans

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  • Ryan Ermin

    US correspondent

  • Ryan Ermin

    US correspondent

After months of beating around the bush, Joe Biden has officially announced what everyone expected: He’s running for a second term as president.

As in 2020, Biden is positioning himself as the best candidate to confront Donald Trump’s movement, which he describes as extremists who seek to take away freedoms from ordinary Americans.

If Donald Trump becomes the Republican presidential nominee, the race for the White House next year could easily turn into a revenge match. But voters are less enthusiastic about this déjà vu scenario. in a new one to bear Of NBC News, 70 percent say Biden should not run for re-election (the poll was conducted before the official announcement) and 60 percent think Trump should not run for president again. This does not mean that the voter will not vote for them, but metal fatigue is increasing.

BIDEN: Let’s get the job done. I know we can do it’

With Biden at 80, half of respondents think his age is an important reason to oppose his candidacy. He is already the oldest president in US history and will break his own record in his second inauguration at the age of 82.

Americans sometimes see a president who is speechless and looks tired and weak. It is no coincidence, then, that Biden’s annual medical exam came under close scrutiny a few months ago. “fit for duty“The president is able to carry out all of his responsibilities, without exceptions or modifications,” concluded White House physician Kevin O’Connor.

‘steady hand’

How to remove anxiety about his age? This question is central to his team’s campaign strategy. Biden’s advisers want to focus on his experience, “a steady hand at the helm” and point out what his administration has achieved.

Under Biden, Congress has passed a number of sweeping bills, including a pandemic support package, a Republican-backed infrastructure bill, and a sweeping package of measures designed to make America greener and more sustainable.

But the voter’s memory is bad, and the election campaign in the United States is a marathon, not a sprint. Candidate Biden will have to go to the country more often, to shake hands and collect money. The previous campaign was in the middle of a pandemic and so there was less voter contact anyway.

But now he really has to get out. He will be assisted in this by First Lady Jill Biden, who often replaces him at events, and, of course, Vice President Kamala Harris, who is present again. His companion runs Become.

  • France Press agency

    Joe Biden earlier this year
  • France Press agency

    Biden shortly after his election wearing a face mask
  • France Press agency

    Biden with his wife, Jill
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    Vice President Joe Biden in 2015
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    Biden with Obama during the Obama campaign

This traveling campaign circus director is a relatively new face in Biden’s circle of confidants. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, 45, was until recently a White House adviser. She is the granddaughter of Mexican-American civil rights icon Cesar Chavez.

She has the daunting task of repopulating the pool of voters that Biden brought to the White House in 2020. And that’s harder than it sounds. Biden has relied heavily on black, younger, and more progressive voters, and those groups are less enthusiastic about his new candidacy.

In addition, more and more Latino voters are fleeing the Democrats. It is therefore no coincidence that the introduction of the Latin voice was one of Chávez Rodríguez’s previous assignments.

Many Latinos supported the Biden-Harris campaign

Meanwhile, the Republicans are not sitting idly by. Trump is the most well-known presidential candidate, but former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has also applied for the highest position. Former Florida Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are also expected to participate in the race.

In the House of Representatives, where there is a Republican majority, Trump supporters have announced a series of investigations, including the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and Hunter Biden, the president’s son. They hope that the vicious questioning will politically damage the president or at least distract him greatly in the run-up to November 5, 2024.

But street fighter Biden is on to something after seven Senate races and three presidential campaigns. He hopes his show will once again prove to be a winning formula: “Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the substitute.” Don’t compare me to God Almighty, but to an alternative. The task of completing the presidency began with a second term.

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