Best Texas Grass Farms For Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is an intricate and multi-layered business. Finding the right farm for your needs can be one of the most crucial and important tasks for your landscaping business to succeed. 

Below, you can find some of the best grass farms for commercial landscaping in Texas:

    1. Twinwood Farms Houston

Twinwood Farms are the biggest and the best when it comes to commercial landscaping. If you are looking for landscaping resources in Texas, look no further, as Twinwood Farms, situated in Houston, has it all. Be it trees or sod for your garden or landscaping projects that require trustworthy and long-lasting grass, their plants are nurtured carefully and taken care of by the best experts. Twinwood Farms is perfect for any landscaping professionals who know that the quality this team provides has to be delivered every time a client trusts them for their landscaping needs.

    2. King Grass Farm

King Grass Farm was built in 1978 and has been providing landscaping resources for about a half-century now. Landscaping experts and nature lovers can always go to them for adding to their land, building a nursery, or just adding beauty to their outdoor spaces.

    3. Tri-Tex Grass

Operating in both North and Central Texas, Tri-Tex Grass has got you covered for all your needs related to grass, trees, plants, sod, etc. Their delivery is fast and hassle-free and they promise to provide finished, refined products that will last a lifetime.

     4. The Grass Outlet

Say hello to The Grass Outlet, which has been operating successfully for many decades. Their top-notch landscaping service is the result of the numerous types of grass they provide. Whether it is the beautiful St. Augustine, fresh Bermuda, or the strong Buffalo grass, they have it all. Their plants are the finest in both quality and look. 

    5. Del’s Grass Farms

Del’s Grass Farms are state-of-the-art farms and have dealt with big landscaping contracts such as building tennis and baseball grounds. Their grass is like no other and they have established themselves in Texas as one of the best landscaping vendors operating in the area.  

     6. Texas A & M AgriLife Extension

A & M AgriLife Extension is one of the largest working grass farms, providing landscaping facilities in Texas. They aim to cover all of your needs, and so offer a lot more than landscaping resources—including after-installation services, which is a big plus. They also teach landscaping and create awareness regarding their profession.

     7. Turfco Grass Farms

The Turfco Grass Farms lie in the outskirts of Corpus Christi, Texas. They are known for their finely grown green grass and their friendly and helpful customer support service. Go to them for your landscaping needs and rest assured that they will be met in the best way possible.

     8. King Ranch Turf Grass

The team at King Ranch Turfgrass consists of experts and professionals who produce many different, high-quality kinds of sod. They aim to make any open, outdoor space—be it your office or home lawn—green, lush, and beautiful. They offer more than 20 varieties of grass based on your choice and what would suit the place that is being developed.

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