“The cleansing process is underway.”

Environmental Protection AgencyRussian military parade Noos News•Today, 10:11•an average Today, 10:42 Another high-ranking Russian general was arrested. Lieutenant-General Vadim Shamarin, deputy chief of the Army General Staff, is suspected of accepting large-scale bribes, according to Russian media reports. Until now, Shamarin has served directly under the command of Chief of Staff General Gerasimov, the commander […]

“Gigabyte working on Z890 motherboards with AI TOP branding for Intel Arrow Lake” – Computer – News

Gigabyte is running three different Z890 motherboards with “AI TOP” in the name. This is clear from the information received from the Iranian website Faceit. These boards are said to target Intel’s next generation desktop CPUs, Arrow Lake-S. in Blog post now deleted Faceit lists eight different models, including the Z890 Aorus Xtreme AI TOP, […]

Van Zoll gets five weeks for the dolls

Afghan National PoliceVan Zoll and Wilders Noos News•Today 00:17 Richard van Zoll could look for ministers and secretaries of state to form a new government. A majority of members of the House of Representatives approved Freedom Party leader Wilders’ proposal to appoint the former informant as coordinator. Van Zwol was given five weeks to complete […]

Austrian restores wine cellar and finds prehistoric mammoth bones | RTL News

Researchers from the Austrian Archaeological Institute call it an “exciting discovery.” Archaeologists Thomas Inogerer and Hanna Barrow Suchon estimate the bones number about 30,000. Its age reaches 40,000 years“, writes the BBC. The mammoth bones were found in Andreas Bernerstorfer’s wine cellar in the town of Gobelsburg, an hour’s drive from Vienna. According to the […]

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