Best Smartphone Buying Guide – Tweakers

Best Smartphone Buying Guide - Tweakers

Once every two months, we publish an update to the Smartphone Best Buy Guide. Autumn is traditionally dominated by Apple’s new iPhonesbut also for Google Pixel phones Is this season. Samsung is notably absent from all the new announcements. Previously, the brand always launched Galaxy Note phones in the fall, but that series lovable existed last year. Fall 2022 brings too number The cheapest Galaxy S22 Fan version as a counterpart to the luxury Galaxy S22, as it has been in recent years Galaxy S21 FE And the S20 was FE. It is said that the huge shortage of chips that has arisen since the Corona pandemic is to blame. Logically, the manufacturer would rather spend its limited stock of high-end chips on the most expensive devices.

Samsung is taking things easy for a while, but in the run-up to the Christmas period, several other manufacturers have introduced new models. As a result, this Best Buy guide contains no fewer than 25 newly tested devices. Sony accomplishment Its lineup without much fanfare with the compact Xperia 5 IV, while Nokia is its most expensive phone for 2022 show up, x30. It may not be the case 9 Like PureView The top model that fans of the brand can still hope for, but we tested it anyway, along with the new G60, too. Speaking of PureView, it seemed far fetched that Nokia could release a phone with at least one camera 41 megapixel sensorBut in recent months, two phones have broken the 200-megapixel mark: Motorola Edge 30 Ultra and the Xiaomi 12T Pro. We tested both devices for this BBG on system performance, screen quality, and battery life. For a thorough discussion of the camera’s performance, you have to be patient. Motorola has been on the cusp of success lately anyway; Lenovo subsidiary also recently released its foldable device razr phone Abroad in Europe. With this, for the first time, there is little competition in the product segment from foldablewhich is largely dominated by Samsung.

In the low price segment, the lineup of most manufacturers is quite full and only a few new models are released. Especially with absolute budget models or just new devices, availability is sometimes not optimal, as it is surprising when comparing newer smartphones to their predecessors that manufacturers sometimes have to hold back when it comes to screen quality or computing power. So an old phone might be the best option. However, we have tested some new models, such as POCO M5 and M5s and OPPO A57s.

We have reviewed all the devices again and included price development to determine the most recommended smartphones at the moment for each category. Some of the recommendations are back from this BBG’s previous Best Buy guide, but there are also some newcomers who have recommended them.

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