March 31, 2023

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Bert Fischer has prostate cancer, cancels a number of shows: 'Get it easy and take it easy' |  Instagram

Bert Fischer has prostate cancer, cancels a number of shows: ‘Get it easy and take it easy’ | Instagram

The comedian is doing well under the circumstances. “Prospects for a full recovery are positive.”

Groninger says to this site: ‘I feel good taking it easy. I think it will be fine!

Fisher is currently touring the country with a performance You don’t see anyone else doing that. The comedian declared the show to be “probably my last solo show.” “I’ve asked for a lot of stuff. For fun plays, for TV stuff, for radio stuff. I don’t do everything because I’m always on tour,” he told RTV Noord last summer. You don’t see anyone else doing that “That’s going to take another two years with three hundred shows, and then I’ll be about sixty-five. I’m going to make new material, and I’ll also read some material that I’ve never made, and it’s actually pretty bad,” said Fisher, ’cause there are a few famous guys and genres.’ Cute, who knows, they (the audience, editor) might want it again.”

Via Facebook, he asked his fans about a play from his nearly 40-year solo career he should definitely play again in this show. For example, Bert Fischer has been given a spot in his new performances as Flower Arrangement, DIY Corner, and The Bumbling Man from No Calender Motorcycle Club.

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