Beau van Erven Dorens believes young people should receive the €250 ‘freedom bonus’

Beau van Erven Dorens believes young people should receive the €250 'freedom bonus'

The presenter posts a selfie with a sad face on his Instagram account. The main theme of his message: youth. I long for freedom and for the government to pull back into its cage. But I look forward more to the freedom of my children and all those young people who have had to sacrifice themselves for the health of others for the past two years. This led to a lot of sadness, lethargy, and loneliness. At the beginning of their lives they had to make a lot of sacrifices for the good of society, which in my opinion is completely disproportionate. ”

Therefore, Beau is in favor of compensating all young people after two years of restrictions on freedom. He continues: “The government has to offer something in return for gratitude. Courtesy of delays at school or in studies, freedom bonus of €250, free public transport and National Youth Day, with parties and festivals everywhere where anyone under 27 can go for free. This and more! Just spend a few billion on that, on this Corona generation. And not for anything useful! Fair parties, gifts, love and gratitude. Fortunately, our youth is strong and resilient, and when the spring sun shines, the meaning of life will certainly return in all its glory.

The presenter also lets you know that it works well. Two years later, I got Aunt C after all. bitch. Two days before the end of my talk show series that we have been working on with heart and soul since the end of November. It’s a cynical end, at least I hope so, to two years of presenting talk shows about Corona. (…]Finally I have corona myself. The circle is round. (By the way, I don’t feel bad thanks to the vaccination and the booster).

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However, the positive result of the corona test last Thursday was completely unexpected. He previously told RTL Boulevard: “I came to the editorial office, and then we always got tested first. Suddenly I got a positive result… I was absolutely shocked.”

my viewers lover Fortunately not empty-handed. Fellow presenter Humberto Tan handles broadcasts Thursday and Friday.

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