B&B Vol Liefde-Fenna on Martijn: ‘It never happened again’

Martijn Fenna B&B Vol Liefde

Martijn and Fenna totally found each other at B&B Vol Liefde. Although viewers of the show took on the idea that Martijn is a real crying baby, Fenna doesn’t think so at all. After participating in B&B Vol Liefde, she finally saw a completely different side.

no baby crying

Fenna answers once and for all if Martijn is a crying baby. “Not at all. It didn’t happen again the next time. Martin was spending ten to twelve hours shooting days and slept very badly because of all the tension. That day it all came out and it wasn’t just because of Simon. These were tears Mainly caused by stress general newspaper. “Personally, I think this is beautiful. Not all of them dare to do this!”


Martin’s parents were also discussed. They were present in abundance on television broadcasts. “They have stayed in the background often. They also don’t live in the same house as Martin.” Fenna also finds it strange for viewers to say that Martijn could do nothing without his parents. “I have a lot of problems with that. Martin has traveled half the world and settled in Portugal. His parents were already there and are now helping to run his bed and breakfast.”

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