Banknotes spread in the air in Zaandam today: “Free money is always good”

Banknotes spread in the air in Zaandam today: "Free money is always good"

There was a lot of money thrown around in Zaandam today. Artist Ralph Bosset did everything he could to promote his exhibition. At least 350 euros are fluttering in kites.

With his exhibition “Just for the Money” Posset artist It’s basically about money in the art world. For example, in his gallery, he has a tote bag where people always get a prize and he responds to supermarket promotions where they get two prizes that Payment occurs often.

To promote his exhibition and make his statement true, he threw money today from the rooftop terrace of the Playroom Exhibition. Young people in particular made frantic attempts to catch the floating banknotes.

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No matter what statement artist Bossuet wants to make, free money is a nice reward for many passersby. “We get €12 or something and we’ll outsource to ‘Maccie’,” says one young man, laughing. “Free money is always good.” “12 euros in ten minutes, that’s great!”

Sometimes emotions ran high: “I had a five-dollar bill in my hand, I dropped it, and a girl immediately took it. That made me angry for a moment,” says one boy.

Bobby and Doc actually won: together they collected 28 euros.

Shrimp net

Ezra and his father were also there this afternoon in Zaandam: “Look, we’ve registered five planes with content,” says his father excitedly. They left home well prepared today, and even brought a shrimp net with them, on Father’s advice.

The campaign was successful: after the distribution campaign, the exhibition was filled with people. Posset is happy that some of the artwork sold out immediately. “I discovered it a long time ago, it’s great. It’s going in the right direction, it’s become my thing!”

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