Back Infections: Masks are back in the American city of Philadelphia

Back Infections: Masks are back in the American city of Philadelphia

Nonetheless, the move appears to have been introduced primarily as a precaution, says Sophie van der Meir, a reporter from New York. “This is really something of Philadelphia, where they have a set of specific pollution levels. They are now one step above the ladder and indicate ‘beach safe’.”

Health problems

Philadelphia, the sixth largest city in the United States with a population of 1.5 million, now has an average of 142 infections a day, up 60 percent from ten days ago. There are currently 46 corona patients in hospitals. “But relatively many residents have other health problems that they are still concerned about. The effects of such a virus are relatively high here, especially in the black community.”

Most infections in the United States are referred to as a subtype of omigran, referred to as type BA.2. According to the RIVM, this ‘brother’ was highly contagious, but not highly ill. BA.2 first appeared in the United States in December and is now the dominant genre in the rest of the world.

Increase in more cities

The number of epidemics in other cities on the Northeast coast, such as New York, is increasing with caution. “The first corona waves were also seen here for the first time. But health experts fear the virus could strike areas where it has not previously dealt a severe omigron wave. So people are in places with some antibodies.” However, the numbers are not nearly as bad as they were at the peak of this winter.

That’s why you only have to wear a mask on public transport in New York. “For the rest, it’s business as usual,” says Van der Meir. “What’s weird: Some of the residents now choose to wear a mouth cape anyway. In general, you’ll see here that people on the East Coast do not have a problem with it. Mainly a mouth was discussed. Mask duty in schools.”

In Philadelphia, the new corona move has not yet led to much opposition. The move will take effect on April 18 so residents and businesses can prepare first.

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