Bachelor Thomas causes a sudden departure from women

Bachelor Thomas causes a sudden departure from women

Attention, this article contains spoilers about episode 8 of BSC.

Thomas lacks physical attraction with Yaël, Inge, and Ascha. Time is running out, so he takes the women to yoga pairings to see if the spark really does fly. Even before the date is completely over, it’s Yael who can pack her bags. Thomas took her aside to say he would not give her a rose.

“It’s getting harder to make choices for me. But I want to be honest with you. Is he in him, or is he not in him?” Thomas begins, and then comes the bad news. “Then I don’t think it’s that way. I wanted to tell you about it myself and not just at the rose party.”

Yael isn’t too sad about her early exit. “I wasn’t expecting that now, but I have to say I’ve said more than once that I don’t feel attractive and chemistry myself. So it’s really nice that we both feel that way.”

For a bachelor to send someone home on a date – and not wait for the rose ceremony – shocks the remaining ladies. The news is especially hard for Inge, Yael’s close friend.

“I will really miss you. How can this be?” she asks out loud. “I think in the end it was a good decision from Thomas, but I find it very difficult. (…) We discuss everything together and now my friend is gone.”

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