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Official Apple Stores and repair centers will refuse repairs if the iPhone is registered as missing. Apple’s decision is contained in an internal memo. This procedure aims to prevent the repair of stolen iPhones.

From note This is in the hands of MacRumors and which Tweakers have also seen, it looks like from now on Apple will warn its stores and service points if someone brings in a lost iPhone for repair. If the iPhone is registered in the GSMA hardware registry, Apple requires employees to refuse repair. Customers can register a lost or stolen device in this international database.

According to the memo, employees who wish to perform the repair will now be notified if the iPhone in question is in the registry. With this action, Apple wants to prevent Apple stores or official service points from repairing stolen iPhones. The memo is dated Monday, March 28.

Based on the leaked memo, it is not clear which areas the action will be applied to. Since GSMA Device Registry is international, it can be deployed worldwide. The Netherlands also has a national registry of stolen items; On Allows users to log stolen items.

It’s another step by Apple to stop supporting stolen iPhones. The repairs are already denied if the customer has not linked the Apple ID to the iPhone and was unable to turn off Find My iPhone.

Update 13:11: Tweakers have seen the memo for themselves and the article has been edited accordingly.

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