March 21, 2023

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At least 4 times more expensive than usual

At least 4 times more expensive than usual

There is a severe shortage of Christmas trees in the United States and Canada. There are major problems with the transportation and distribution of timber in both countries.

Not only is there a shortage of real trees, but plastic artificial trees are also in short supply. Some of those trees are from China and there are a lot of problems with dock ships.

If the trees come in, they are at least four times more expensive than usual.

There is no shortage in the Netherlands

There is no shortage of Christmas trees in the Netherlands. They notice that it is very busy in the garden centers.

Christmas trees are brought into the house much earlier than usual. It will be a little more comfortable at Coronet time.

‘Use some light’

Secretary of State for Outgoing Interior Raymond Knobs has already received the Christmas tree, he reveals in the Good Morning Netherlands. “We got it this weekend. He’s still out. But it’s earlier than usual.”

We can use a little light at this point, says Knapps. “People are being called to follow corona measures, but things like this are still possible. This is definitely very important.”

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Source: Bert van Dorn

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