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Linus makes one statement about costs during the video, but I doubt that’s true:
Either way, this works amazing! I mean it should, once you’ve spent about $2,500

This can be seen after Linus shared the 4090 XG Mobile 1999 dollars will cost.

From this you could infer that ASUS would market this for $500, but given the hardware itself, that’s highly unlikely.

Considering the Aya Neo 2 with 16GB LPPDR5, 1TB storage, and a 1080p (60Hz) IPS display, we’re talking about a $1,099 price* and while ASUS is a much bigger player with potentially lower prices and better scalability, there’s always a “ROG tax” .
*I think that’s $1099 before tax

Valve has priced the market aggressively with the Steam Deck and I don’t see ASUS doing that.

Overall, I’m curious about how this product will be marketed and especially about the hardware (APU) in the device.

Anyway, a smart move by ASUS to play an April 1st joke, which turns out to be no joke after all, as this seems to have generated quite a bit of exposure.

Currently I’m still very satisfied with my Steam Deck (512GB, with HAL sticks) but I’d rather buy an ASUS Ally than say an Aya Neo if I want to upgrade it.

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