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Xiaomi has released the Aqara wall socket with support for Zigbee and Matter, among other things. The socket is for the European region and has a 55 x 55mm interface. The device can, among other things, measure electricity consumption.

Home automation manufacturer Aqara is recalling the device H2 EU wall outlet. This is a wall socket for European electrical appliances. Users can connect it to home automation ecosystems via Zigbee 3.0 or with Matter. The socket has a 55 x 55mm cover plate, and according to Aqara, it also fits popular brand interfaces like Schneider Merten and Atlas.

The Wall Outlet H2 has several options for controlling the devices connected to it. For example, users can set the device to automatically turn off when it detects a certain power consumption, between 100 and 3840 watts. There is also an auto-off function where the socket no longer provides power if consumption drops below 2W for a certain period of time. This is intended, for example, for devices that are charged overnight.

Moreover, the socket contains a memory module through which a certain state of the device is remembered in the event of a power outage, for example. There is an LED on the front panel that can be programmed to display status, for example.

A wall socket costs 40 euros. The device will be available from May 30. It is not known if this is also available in the Netherlands, but the device can be purchased anyway via Amazon Germany, which also delivers to the Netherlands.

Aqara wall socket

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