Apple will bring SOS satellite emergency functionality to Benelux later this month – Tablets & Phones – News

The service is free to use for the first two years after activating a new iPhone 14

So if you get injured in the middle of nowhere more than two years later, you have to enter your credit card first before you can access emergency services, or if you misunderstand something :? . I still understand that sharing location with contacts is behind the paywall, but also no report to NEC? This calls for legislation that makes it possible for free, I think.

EDIT: I thought about it a bit, and let me rephrase my (now slightly different) thoughts. I understand that Apple, of course, will not pay the costs out of pocket. At the same time, I find it a bit bitter that if there is a technical helpline, it is not available in life-threatening situations if the user cannot pay. Of course, if you’re going to do sports in remote mountains, you’d better get such a subscription, but we’re also not saying to everyone that “it’s your own responsibility to always have a few spare minutes on your prepaid card to call 112 to call if needed.”

I think it would be interesting, for example, for the Dutch government to say to Apple that “you forward all emergency calls to emergency centers for free, and you receive a fee for this”.

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