“Apple will announce new iPads on October 17”

"Apple will announce new iPads on October 17"

Updated October 18, 2023: Apple has already quietly announced a new iPad, but it’s not what everyone expected. Apple has an updated 2022 iPad specifically for China Announce Specifically the new Wi-Fi + Cellular model. This now has a built-in eSIM. This updated iPad has model number A3162. This is a completely new model number, especially for the Chinese market.

What’s interesting about this announcement is the timing of the release. The fact that Apple is now launching an updated version of the 2022 iPad in China almost certainly means that the truly new model (the 2023 iPad) won’t be available anytime soon. After all, if Apple had planned an entirely new standard iPad in the short term, Apple could have immediately added eSIM support for China. The new 2023 iPad model will also replace the current 2022 iPad, but with a new updated model for last year’s iPad, that chance seems unlikely in the short term.

Apple has released a new Apple Pencil with a USB-C port, which is suitable for all iPads with a USB-C port.

Updated October 17, 2023: According to rumor leaker Majin Bu on X (Twitter) He goes Apple today announced the new 2023 iPad, the entry-level 11th generation model. He says in a post that the model will have exactly the same design as its predecessor and that the existing accessories are also suitable. It is not entirely clear what exactly he means by that. This could mean that the first generation Apple Pencil also works with this model. In any case, we expect the Magic Keyboard Folio to remain available.

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The question remains, what else is new? In any case, we’re expecting a newer chip, but perhaps Apple has something else up its sleeve. If Apple unveils the new iPad today, it will be in the mid to late afternoon.

The rumor leaker previously claimed that Apple is working on a new Apple Pencil with magnetic writing tips. A potential third-generation Apple Pencil could also be revealed today. Other sources claim that Apple will also unveil the iPad Air 2023 and iPad mini 2023, while there are also reports that Apple will not announce anything at all this month. So the sources contradict each other to a large extent, but later today we will know the final answer.

Updated October 15, 4:00 p.m: Mark Gorman in his newsletter Teach them That the new iPads “aren’t coming this month.” He says new iPads are in development, but he believes they will come later. Last month, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the new iPads Not at all anymore Show up this year.

Tuesday, October 17 is said to be the day Apple unveils its new products. Reports said this would include three new iPads Supercharged Based on “sources familiar with Apple’s media plans.” Apple announces new iPads every October, so the predictions aren’t exactly surprising. There probably won’t be an event in October; Instead, the tablets will be announced in a press release. Pre-orders will begin on the same day and will be officially available a week later.

“New iPads, one with M2 chip”

Apple is reportedly planning an iPad Air with an M2 chip and an iPad mini 7. Additionally, the standard iPad has been mentioned as a candidate for a minor refresh. In all cases it is relatively modest Bumps specifications. The iPad Air with the M1 chip became available in March 2022, and is rumored to be receiving an M2 chip update to ensure it comes close to the Pro models again.

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The iPad mini won’t switch to the M chipset, but it will be equipped with a faster A16 Bionic chip. In addition, Apple will do this so-called iPad mini Scrolling gelThe problem of his predecessor. Jelly scrolling means that one half of the screen refreshes noticeably slower than the other half. This causes a kind of wobbly effect, making it appear as if the screen is made of vibrating pudding.

And also the new Apple Pencil

It is not clear what update is planned for the entry-level iPad model, but here too a small increase in specifications may occur for a new version of the A-chip. There may be slight improvements in connectivity with newer versions of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, for example, but that’s all What’s the matter? A more interesting rumor appeared on Weibo a few days ago: Apple is said to be working on a third-generation Apple Pencil with a USB-C port. This would mean that the stylus could be charged again via the same standard iPad charging port. This puts an end to the current (inconvenient) situation where you need a separate adapter to connect and charge the Apple Pencil. This Pencil will likely be announced in a press release on October 17 along with the iPads.

It has been known for some time that 2023 will not bring any major innovations to the iPad. It was thought that most models would not receive an update at all. Another product awaiting a refresh is the iMac, which may be revamped in 2023 with an M2 or M3 chip. This could also be announced in October 2023.

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  • 2023 – October 18, 08:43: The article has been updated with the new iPad 2022 for China so the chance of there being a real new iPad 2023 is slim.
  • 2023 – October 18, 08:42: The article has been updated with the new iPad 2022 for China, so the chance of there being a real new iPad 2023 is slim.
  • 2023 – October 18, 08:40: The article has been updated with the new iPad 2022 for China so the chance of there being a real new iPad 2023 is slim.
  • 2023 – October 18, 08:38: The article has been updated with the new iPad 2022 for China so the chance of there being a real new iPad 2023 is slim.
  • 2023 – October 17, 09:10: The article has been updated after a new rumor about the 2023 iPad announcement.

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