EvdWL about Xbox, Elden Ring, discrimination, 50 Cent & GTA 6

EvdWL about Xbox, Elden Ring, discrimination, 50 Cent & GTA 6

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The weekend, loyal as ever, is just around the corner. And you know what that means. The editors worked hard Thursday and Friday to get a brand new edition of End of the Week Live to your screen. For an hour and a half, Jasper, Jelle, and Koos will take you through all the last week’s noteworthy nonsense. News, gossip, new games, it’s all reviewed. How about the news Xbox really wants to unbox in June, around E3. What do they have to show to make the three at the table really happy? It was also notable that the big man behind Final Fantasy called the term “JRPG” discriminatory. Does he have a point here? And there was something about Instagram and GTA 6… You’ll see and hear this and many more on this live weekend of Friday, March 3, 2023.

50 Cent cryptic about “GTA 6” on Instagram

In other news, rapper 50 Cent made a somewhat cryptic Instagram post featuring the GTA Vice City logo. What did the man mean by that? Does this indicate his presence in any way in GTA 6? This time we also have the results of a number of polls and the week’s manifesto is about virtual reality. The question is: VR games will always be a niche. What do the three think about this? You will see and hear the answer as soon as you click the Play button.

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