March 30, 2023

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Apple watchOS 9 gets medication reminders and improved sleep tracking – tablets and phones – news

Apple announced watchOS 9. The Apple Watch operating system will receive new health features, such as improved sleep tracking and the ability to track medication use. WatchOS 9 will be available for the Apple Watch later this year.

An apple watchOS 9 . provides From the various faces of the renewable watch. For example, the current astronomy watch face has been optimized for the larger screen of the Series 7. Apple also offers a moon face that shows the position of the moon and a Metropolitan watch face with a font that can be customized with digital crown† In addition, the smartwatch operating system is getting new complexities, the apps used are more actively displayed in the new dock and there is a new interface for Siri.

Workouts app also gets many new features. Apple is adding new stats for running, such as measuring user posture via the accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as stride length and “ground contact time.” The app also gets ‘Heart Rate Zones’, which allow users to better monitor the intensity of their exercise. There’s also a new Triathlon workout, which automatically switches between swimming, running and cycling.

The WatchOS app and the Health app on iOS are also getting a medication feature that allows users to track their medication use. In addition, users receive notifications when they have to take their medication. According to Apple, users can scan their medication labels through the iPhone to add them to the Health app. The same app will also warn users of dangerous drug interactions. This makes it possible to share drug data with other Apple users. The Company will occasionally remind users of health data they share with others.

Moreover, the sleep tracking function of watchOS has been improved. From watchOS 9, the feature distinguishes between different sleep stages, such as deep sleep and REM sleep. The company also says it’s getting more “heart health” features. The company’s Apple Watch can already scan for atrial fibrillation, which is a heart condition. With watchOS 9, the smartwatch also gets functionality to better track this condition for people who have been diagnosed.

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So the Health app shows an overview of when the condition occurs most often, along with lifestyle factors that can affect the condition, such as exercise, sleep, and alcohol consumption. Apple expects to receive FDA approval for this feature “soon.” It is unknown if the feature will appear in other regions or not.

Moreover, Apple launches Fitness app for all iPhone devices. This feature is currently only available to iOS users who have an Apple Watch. In the future, users will be able to get an “estimate” of their movement via their iPhone sensors in this app.

WatchOS 9 is expected to be released this fall, along with the launch of the next Apple Watch model. The operating system will work on Apple Watch Series 4 and later, eliminating support for Series 3. WatchOS 9 also requires an iPhone running iOS 16; This mobile operating system works on iPhone 8 and above.