Apple sues creators of Pegasus spyware

Apple sues creators of Pegasus spyware

Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli NSO Group, the makers of the Pegasus spyware, in America. In this way, Apple wants to prevent spyware from being used to break into Apple products in the future.

Although the NSO Group did not hack the users’ phones or tablets themselves, the company did develop the software. The software is used by intelligence and investigation services in 40 countries to hack targets’ phones and tablets.

This is evidenced by documents leaked in July with phone numbers 50,000 victims of hacking with the program. The phones of journalists, rights activists, and lawyers, among others, were hacked using the software. It wasn’t just about Apple users.

Security update

Malware can be placed on Apple devices via the iMessage app. Apple released a security update in September that prevented NSO Group’s spyware from being placed on phones, laptops, iPads, and watches.

In its lawsuit against NSO Group in California, Apple said NSO Group employees are “unethical mercenaries who have developed a sophisticated electronic espionage machine that calls for a repeat of serious abuse.”

According to Apple, the software has been used to attack a small number of Apple users around the world. ‚ÄúState-backed parties like the NSO Group are spending millions on advanced spying technology without being held accountable for it. This needs to change,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software.

Facebook social networking site

Earlier, Facebook also initiated a lawsuit against the NSO Group because the Israeli company had developed software that could hack phones via WhatsApp.

NSO Group has always denied the charge, claiming that the company’s software is used to fight terrorism and other crimes.

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