Apple releases iOS 15.2 Beta with App Privacy Report – Tablets & Phones – News

It is and still is a difficult story. The point is, no one can really say this other than Apple itself. It is true that they promise that everything they have Private applications must also meet the same requirements.

If you look at Microsoft, Google, and Apple, you’ll see that they are actually very similar, they all collect data, sell ads, provide a search engine (with Apple Siri again referring to Google for money), provide the operating system and even make all the hardware.
However, the focus is elsewhere with all of these suppliers. In addition, they are also busy transforming themselves. Google wants to reduce the association with ads, and Microsoft has almost abandoned the desktop operating system (ads in the operating system) and is focusing exclusively on selling Microsoft 365. Apple is also focusing on more and more services but with the development of privacy (such as iCloud plus).

That’s why I feel a little hypocritical at Apple. Just remember that Apple is a company that has historically done everything to make more money and is only there to make money. Don’t make your life better. It’s a commercial party, isn’t it?
Personally, I don’t think this is hypocrisy for these organizations, they are all commercial companies and making money is always the main issue. Without money there is simply no business. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do both. I think Apple wants to do their best, after all, that’s one of their core principles (along with ordering and making tons of money).

Just don’t be hypocritical on our side as users. We used to say that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the newspaper. After that, you should not believe everything you see on TV (surprise, everything on TV is completely fake, including all the “reality” shows). But nowadays, people think that everything one finds on the internet… Ultimately for me it has to do with what one does, not what one says (not words but deeds).

The Internet (and everything that surrounds it) was never designed with privacy in mind. We have to work for it and that’s what’s important. We also know that iOS apps are violating privacy en masse, and to think otherwise is hypocrisy. But I only see 1 mega corp busy with it, which is Apple..

Meanwhile, they’re hunting all the bullshit if they make one wrong move… they’re no longer looking at the big picture (the trend that the industry presents) but just sensation is created. I feel like we’re getting more and more American here, a lot of screaming and noise and a lot of polarization. As with Tesla, they are the only ones who do something about a problem but are under attack from all sides…

Anyway, Apple isn’t binary right or wrong either. But they have their principles better than the other options.
Fortunately we still have open source. Who knows, maybe we’ll go to the open source community… but then I’ll be called a communist again ;)

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