Apple introduces High Power Mode to the new 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max Soc – Computer – News

Idd that’s because there’s more cooling in the M1 Max configuration than in the 16″ M1 Max configuration. So the 16″ M1 pro weighs a little less than the max.

There’s no idea what the power boost will be, but even without that boost, new Macbooks (workstation) are now the best pro-grade laptops for content creators. Including workstations apparently.

Reviews haven’t been released yet, but it seems that the fact that the CPU, GPU and RAM are all in one package means that even €15,000 with this post-burn card you’ll lose when it comes to live editing performance at 8K video.

Of course, Mac pro cannot be left behind. If you read the rumors around, there will be end of 2022 Model comes with 128GPU cores.

If an M1 max with a 32 gpu core can produce 10.4 Terraflops, you can expect 40 Terraflops. 5 Tflops more than the RTX3090 but with 128GB RAM instead of 24GB.

The question is how the X86 camp will react to this because although the performance is higher, the video acceleration is lacking, and the fact that the RTX 4090 is (I guess) connected to the CPU via pcie slows down the communication between the CPU and the computer’s RAM.

AMD has already made the world a lot faster and at the same time gave Intel a chance, but now it seems that Apple has created a game-changer in the niche of a professional content maker that no x86 setup can rival in practice.

The question is also whether we don’t see the first signs that discrete GPU, CPU and RAM will be a thing of the past in 5 years, as well as for normal PCs, because how can you , in the name of God, competing with these all-in-one socs? It is no coincidence that Nvidia wants to buy ARM and both Intel and AMD have entered the GPU market.

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AMD also goes Betting on ARM. I can’t imagine Intel would die a quiet death by sticking with X86.

Many trainers will hate it, but after a few years I don’t see a business case anymore to build a traditional PC because Socs (System on a Chip) would simply be the system.

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