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Apple releases voice recognition for the second generation HomePod and HomePod Mini on Tuesday. This allows smart speakers to recognize the sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector and send a notification to users when it goes off.

Apple announced the feature in January when it introduced the second generation HomePod. However, the tech giant officially made the feature available on Tuesday. TechCrunch reports. This makes the feature available in the Home app for users who have a HomePod Mini or HomePod 2nd generation. Users must have set up the new HomeKit build from iOS 16.4 to use this feature.

When the feature is enabled, a notification is automatically sent to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off. This notification should then be visible on your iPhone’s lock screen and in the Home app, for example. The feature works on the basis of sound and therefore does not require a smart smoke detector to send the notification. HomePods themselves cannot detect smoke or carbon monoxide.

If users have a HomeKit-linked security camera, a video feed will also be shown on the user’s device. Apple says the feature uses end-to-end encryption and voice recognition is done locally on the speaker.

Amazon previously introduced a similar feature for its Echo speakers, in the form of Alexa Guard. This feature can, among other things, recognize the sound of breaking glass, as well as the sound of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Google Nest speakers can also listen for such alarms, though users must purchase a Nest Aware subscription to do so. Edge writes.

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The second generation HomePod, which Apple released in January. Source: Apple

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