“Apple delays Watch Ultra with microLED display again, now to 2026” – Tablets & Phones – News

Expect increased returns. Higher yield and lower costs.

Depending on the resolution, it will be more difficult to produce a panel, after all, 4k on a 65-inch panel is much less difficult than 4k on a 42-inch. You have a smaller panel but the same amount of pixels, so higher density.

The ultra-precise clock has a resolution of 338 dpi, which is pretty high.

Samsung doesn’t yet have any commercial TVs other than The Wall, which measures 2k by 73 inches (it’s not clear to me if 4K/8k is also possible at this size) with a ppi of just under 32.

The largest at 8K is 292 ich, with a pi of just over 30.

So practically the same.

By the way, 8K at 73 inches is only ~121ppi.

In other words, there is currently no suitable set of microLED panels for those applications. When Samsung finally starts offering TVs, it will be more interesting, but the PPI will still be much lower than what Apple has now. A 26-inch 8K panel has roughly the same PPI. Now smaller is an advantage in terms of yield as you can cut a lot of the board and the broken percentage is lower than when you can only make a few.

By the way, the Apple Vision pro has a much higher PPI (it’s hard to tell how high it is without the real specs), but since the plans for that are pretty overhauled (no cheaper version at the moment and very limited availability), it looks like it won’t be Also available now. It is easy to produce.

Also strange for Apple being so ahead of the curve with microLED, they kept LCD for a very long time while OLED was the norm.

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