March 30, 2023

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Apple adds a door detection feature for the blind and visually impaired on iPhone |  right Now

Apple adds a door detection feature for the blind and visually impaired on iPhone | right Now

Apple announced new iPhone accessibility features for blind, deaf, and hard of hearing people. For example, the devices have a door detection feature, which guides people with low or no vision to the door.

The feature works with the cameras of recent iPhones and iPads. When the blind and visually impaired reach a place they’ve never been before, they can use the feature to find the door of a building. With this option, they are told how far they still have to walk to the door.

Also, the function tells them whether the door is open or closed. When closing the door, it is explained how to open it, for example with a handle or a button. In addition, the program can read codes and texts on the door, allowing the phone to read whether a person has to push or pull.

Apple is also adding a new feature for the deaf and hard of hearing. Live commentary converts audio to text. For example, users can add comments on FaceTime calls and phone conversations. The feature will be in beta later this year and will initially work in English only.

Control Apple Watch with iPhone

Apple Watch Mirroring has also been announced. This option makes it easier for people with physical or mobility impairments to operate Apple Watch (Series 6 or later).

This then works via the link with your iPhone, whose accessibility options can be used to power the watch. This includes audio and key controls. People can also use simpler hand movements to perform the movements.

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It is not known when the features will be added.