A minor stalker reappears in the Zeeman Konfrontert

A minor stalker reappears in the Zeeman Konfrontert

The Ameland’s case It took a strange turn last season. For five years, an unknown stalker terrorized Edward’s family, the rest of his family, and the neighborhood. Edward had to leave for Ameland with his family to start a new life there. In vain: the chase continued unabated. The stalker turns out to be the youngest of Edward’s children. Then he got out of his house and the chase stopped.

But the ball is starting to roll again now that mum Nink tells Thess that her daughter is receiving horrific messages. Her daughter’s friend is Edward’s youngest son: the boy has appointed Theis as a stalker. One plus one turns out to be two in this case as well.

Ninke says her daughter has been stalked and threatened via messages since April of last year. “We (parents, ed.) also show up in the messages. He wants to do something for us. We’re already in danger,” she explains. I was shocked when I first read the messages. Her daughter was very afraid. “We went straight to the police.”

The police could do nothing for the family, but the chase continued. If Nynke is behind the conscious episode of Sailor Confrontation: The Stalkers Come on, she counts. “It might have something to do with this, it’s messing up everything here. The messages…something isn’t right. (…) Edward’s son is behind this again.”

According to Tejs, the parallels with the Ameland case are striking. Edward denies that his son is involved in the case. Meanwhile, Nik’s daughter refuses to believe that her boyfriend is her stalker. She rebelled against her mother and moved to live with the Edward family in Ameland.

When the investigation revealed that Edward’s son was the stalker again, they decided to intervene. The underage boy does not want to address Thege, so he begins a conversation with Edward. He doesn’t want to believe that his son has been involved in a stalking case again and is still holding his hand above his head.

Nenc’s daughter is now convinced that her boyfriend is the stalker. She broke off the relationship and lives with her parents again. The family now hopes to finally get some rest. The youngest son of Edward was arrested by the police for questioning. Police investigations are still ongoing.

Sailor Confrontation: The Stalkers It can be seen every Tuesday at 8:30 PM RTL 5.

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