Ansel Elgort guilty of awful ‘West Side Story’ flop

Ansel Elgort guilty of awful 'West Side Story' flop

It’s actually terribly unfair that only blockbuster movies are still attracting such a large audience, now yesterday. become known Which West side story From the living legend Steven Spielberg Amazingly fumbled, though a Rotten Tomitors– The result is 93% against 95%!

And it seemed, especially after the responses, that it was an easy task to raise $14 million from it Ridley Scott Gucci House To transcend the “Most Profitable Drama”. But the opposite happened.

She brought in around $10 million in her debut with exciting international receipts of $4 million.

Because of all the delays of Corona, the protagonist got infected Ansel Elgort It lost credibility due to allegations of misconduct. This makes the fans love the movie, but they can’t come to terms with the presence of the actor. Read some of the comments below:

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