March 31, 2023

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Another space war between the United States and Russia

Another space war between the United States and Russia

This is not a Cold War, but the United States has differences with Russia over space. The Russian satellite was destroyed during a Russian missile test there. This caused all kinds of space debris, which created a dangerous situation for the International Space Station.

Garbage around the ISS

It ISS Steps should be taken to avoid any debris. Not the right situation. However, it is undesirable to create more space debris: less than one thousand five hundred large pieces and countless small debris will be created: they will only fly fast in space and destroy everything in their path. The more space debris, the harder it will be for us on Earth to get to other parts of our universe.

The U.S. State Department is not having fun, especially since the astronauts and astronauts on the space station are now in danger. Incidentally, the station still has Russians (because of the astronauts), so this is not just an American party. In addition to the four Americans, one German and two Russians are at the station. They all had to board a spaceship to bring them to Earth. Now they were trapped there to seek refuge from the rubble: in short, the International Space Station was in great danger.

America vs Russia

At least that’s the American side of the story. Russia sees it very differently. Russia’s NASA, known as Roscosmos, said things were not going well and that the ISS was in a safe zone. Russia did not open its mouth. The Russian Foreign Minister said that the Americans were testing new weapons in space and that it was a great hypocrisy for the Americans to accuse the Russians of using space dangerously.

China was also very interested in breaking objects in space at first. Other countries in the world are also concerned about this. At the same time, for example, Starling is allowed to place thousands of satellites in Earth orbit to provide the Internet. So there are a lot of companies doing it one after the other Satellite Shooting in space, it is not always without danger or space debris. Considering the many projects that are going on right now in that big space around us, we must undoubtedly continue.

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