Another rare side effect discovered with AstraZeneca and Janssen: spondylitis

Another rare side effect discovered with AstraZeneca and Janssen: spondylitis

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has discovered a rare new potential side effect of the two vaccines, AstraZeneca and Janssen. nervous disorder transverse myelitisAnd Inflammation of the spine, can cause weakness in the arms or legs, tingling, numbness, pain and problems with the bladder and intestines.

People who have received the AstraZeneca or Janssen vaccine and develop these symptoms are advised to seek immediate medical attention. These types of messages may make people question the safety of vaccines and the supervisory authorities that approved the vaccines. It is not surprising, even if you have information about transverse myelitis is reading.

according to by NOS It’s a “rare side effect” and “the benefits of vaccines continue to outweigh the disadvantages.” The annoying thing about these types of messages is that it hardly contains any decent information. How rare is it exactly? And how can these vaccines cause this side effect? Could this also happen with Pfizer or other vaccines? And does this still vary by age group? Not a single answer!

The advantages of vaccinations may outweigh the disadvantages, but you have to prove it! Now it is simply said that there is a file new side effects It is found by most people Nothing is wrong is being. “Trust your government and believe in science,” is the implied slogan of the NOS, Cabinet, and government agencies.

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But in order to trust the government and believe in science, you unfortunately have to look elsewhere. NOS only shares a short message from EMA and This is. Sharing too much information about the risks and uncertainties surrounding these vaccines is, of course, undesirable, as it ‘does good to anti-vaccine opponents’ or wakes them up. suspicion employment. These kinds of things get people to do their “own research” and NOS and the government get exactly what they don’t want: resistance to those vaccines. And let’s not pretend that the label “rare” is convenient, because winning the lottery is also “rare” and yet everyone thinks they can win.

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