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Nintendo is releasing a definitive free update and initial DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Update 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise DLC will be released on November 5. A new Switch Online subscription will also be added.

Latest big free update for exclusive Nintendo Switch Heat Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduces many new features and old acquaintances, such as Nintendo reveals in a video clip. For example, the classic Animal Crossing character Brewster comes to New Horizons, as is the multiplayer café The Roost. Fortune teller Katrina, the Gyroids and Sing Kapp’n also return to the game.

This last character takes players for 1,000 miles To which island it may or may not be in a different season. In this way, one could collect resources on the respective island, regardless of the season on the original island. Nintendo is also bringing new stuff, hairstyles, KK Slider songs and the ability to use your own fruits and vegetables in dishes to the game with the 2.0 update.

In addition, Nintendo announced the first paid add-on for New Horizons under the name Happy Home Paradise. In the DLC, players travel to an island where they are given the responsibility to build an individual resort. All the guests on the island have their own wishes and it is up to the player to build a suitable accommodation for each of these guests. For this, the player earns Poki coin, which can be used to buy special new furniture. The player also learns new building techniques on Happy Home Paradise Island that can be applied to the actual home base.

The cost of the dlc package is 25 euros separately. Happy Home Heaven, on the other hand, is also included In the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack already announced, which costs 40 euros per year. This costs double the cost of a standard Switch Online subscription. Players will continue to access items earned in Happy Home Paradise even after the Switch Online Expansion Pack subscription has expired. On the other hand, island DLC is no longer accessible in this case.

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