Android Auto Coolwalk interface is now available in beta

Android Auto Coolwalk interface is now available in beta

The long-awaited new Android Auto interface is now available: Android Auto Coolwalk. This improves interaction with on-screen applications in the vehicle. You can open two different apps side by side, such as Spotify and Google Maps.

Android Auto Coolwalk

Androidworld reader Marc van de Wijngaart discovered the Coolwalk option when he got in the car. He says, “On the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with Android Auto beta, the long-awaited Coolwalk interface has been shown on the Samsung S21 NL Android 13 without root.” He points out that the TomTom app does not work well with him. , because the track bar on the right is cut off with the settings buttons. You can use it in full screen mode. The images in this article are from Mark, his Google Maps and Spotify in different proportions: 1/3, 2/3 and a combination.

car front

The ability is similar to Carplay’s Dashboard option and is ideal for multitasking. Although you don’t have to take extensive multitasking here: after all, it’s still the front of the car and so it’s important to keep your eyes on the road.

You can actually use a split screen inside Android Auto, but that was only with wide-resolution screens. thanks for the great walk This modern interface now comes to every car screen, no matter how big or small. The buttons are positioned in such a way that you can use both applications very well: even if your screen is rather small.

Android Auto Coolwalk interface is now available in beta

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a little late

Google itself hasn’t announced that the update is coming now, as it’s only for beta testers. It has nothing to do with the fact that Coolwalk basically wanted to be cool by coming late to the party. It was supposed to launch in the summer, but it clearly didn’t work out.

Now there for the testers. So it is still in beta and the program is not finished yet. When the new interface will be officially launched, Google has not said. Only then is it possible to send a message about this new interface. If you are a beta tester, you can already use it, but keep in mind the necessary bugs.

Android Auto Coolwalk interface is now available in beta

Only in beta

If you are not subscribed to the beta program but would like to install the beta via the APK installer, it may mean that you do not see Coolwalk yet. This is because it requires some modification on the server side. You are likely to be officially enrolled in the beta program (What is possible here).

It really is a wonderful life, Mark! thanks for the tip.

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