54-year-old Natasa Berk Musar becomes the first female president of Slovenia

54-year-old Natasa Berk Musar becomes the first female president of Slovenia

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Slovenia will have a female head of state for the first time. In the second round of the presidential election, lawyer Natassa Burke-Mussar managed to beat her opponent with 54 percent of the vote, according to the preliminary election results.

Liberal Musar, formerly a television broadcaster and lawyer, took over Anze Lugar from the right wing. He was a former foreign minister. Lugar admitted his loss and congratulated Mussar for the night.

In the first round, Lugar, of the right-wing SDS party, was the front-runner. But none of the seven presidential candidates managed to get more than 50 percent of the vote, which necessitated another round of voting.

festive in nature

Musar (54) succeeds Purut Pahor, who has been president since 2012. He was not allowed to run for re-election.

During her campaign, Mosser focused on topics such as human rights, rule of law, and social welfare. As a lawyer, I stood before the first lady Melanie Trump in defamation case. “Throughout my life I have defended democracy, human rights and tolerance,” Mosser said after her victory. “It’s time to turn our backs on the past, we have a future to work on.”

The presidency in Slovenia is largely ceremonial in nature. But the election was seen as a test of Prime Minister Robert Gollop’s presumed left-wing liberal government of late. His Green Party became larger than anywhere else last April.

It was preceded by the right-wing populist Yanez Jansa (SDS) Golub. He has been accused in the past of violating press freedom and the rule of law. Jansa got last year on Twitter on the stick With the Dutch Cabinet, after the Prime Minister called Dutch politicians “George Soros dolls”.

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