February 4, 2023

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Android apps on Windows 11 can connect to local network after update – Computer – News

It’s funny how Microsoft tries to integrate all the other operating systems into Microsoft Windows.

On Linux you have WINE, I have no idea how well Android can run on Linux except for some Android emulators. (something like VirtualBox or VMWare like principle like Android x86)

I think Microsoft’s Windows is starting to look a bit like Frankenstein’s operating system.

Sew together from the small pieces, find out if it will work, and which will work sooner or later.

With Linux, you also have a kind of Frankstein effect, for example if you install Flatpack and slowly switch Ubuntu to Redhat, which together make up an operating system.

In the link below, you can see what I also tried with Flatpack.

I would expect a similar scenario for Microsoft Windows, which is Frankenstein’s operating system.

For those unfamiliar with the word Frankenstein, here is the Wikipedia link. It is used for something that is put together, sewed together, and then somehow worked.


It is true that Microsoft Windows has always been the year of the desktop since the early 1990s. And with Linux, they always talk in forums about the predictions that the year of Linux on the desktop is coming.

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