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I’m still finding the material/flat design a dragon of the design. If you take a look at the screenshot, you will find a title bar and a series of buttons under it (File, Edit, View). There is absolutely no indication that these labels are clickable. It could just be static text. Over the past 10 years the “discoverability” of user interfaces has become one in the context of “computers is very difficult”: it probably isn’t possible, because I don’t see a button for it that should be correct. Then also using both labels (file, edit view) and an icon in one line? What is the consistency? This gear was located under File->Preferences or something like that. And it sat there perfectly. How often should you change notepad settings? Never am I not. Shame, because users are distracted by something irrelevant. Then in the appendix: Ln 13 ?? Line 13 I suppose. Then why not unsubscribe? There is a lot of space. This type of language suits a tech user, not a casual user (which is what the rest of the look and feel seems to focus on). Then 100% in the appendix. 100% of what? When I use a browser and set the zoom factor, the current zoom value appears on the screen. Then there is the relationship between information and action. 100% could be anything here because whoever zooms in on Notepad as the designer can’t set the font and so it fits your screen’s DPIs. Then UTF-8. I don’t know for whom notepad is meant, but with this information you might really think they are “tech-savvy” users. Does anyone know what UTF-8 is. This should be heavily hidden or maybe even hard-encoded to UTF-8 because all other formats are bound to lead to problems with code pages.

So after a long rant, the only positive thing I can get from this is that at least it didn’t have a Paint 3D makeover. Furthermore, MS does not remain in a position to create a consistent and logical program.

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