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Get Android 13 Sweetened exFAT format support. This makes it possible to process files larger than 4 GB. However, it is not yet certain that it will be a permanent feature of Android 13.

The file format is compatible with Android thanks to the latest Linux kernel version 5.10 or later. For example, ExFAT allows the use of flash memory with the exFAT file system, such as discover esper After extensive research. Interestingly, the file system must also be compatible, for example, Android 12, as this operating system uses the correct version of the Linux kernel in question, in this case version 5.10.81.

According to Esper, on the other hand, there is specific information auxiliary diodes Required and is only present in the third beta of Android 13; To enable exFAT storage media multiple are the files mkfs.exfat And the fsck.exfat wanted. These auxiliary binaries were not previously included in the operating system by Google.

ExFAT, short for Extensible File Allocation Table, was developed by Microsoft in 2006 and has been supported for some time on some Android devices through licensing deals. Samsung and Google were mentioned by Esper as paying customers, and Samsung even developed its own exFAT driver. After Microsoft announced exFAT in 2019, the said Samsung driver specifically was included in Linux 5.7 after which the format became widely supported.

Esper has got an exFAT USB-C flash drive connected to the Google Pixel 6 Pro thanks to Android 13 (beta 3)

Update 18.55: The article incorrectly referred to exFAT as a file type. This does not cover the load well, as it is an extensive file system. The title and actual text, among other things, have been changed.

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