March 30, 2023

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Android 13 beta can also cast audio to Cast-compatible devices – Vision & Sound – News

Android may support Chromecast-enabled devices in the media output list in the near future. Users can then cast all the audio from their Android device via, say, Google Chromecast.

This relates specifically to the menu that opens via the volume dropdown. At the moment, it is only possible in that menu to switch between the output via the speaker, Bluetooth and the 3.5mm port or USB-C. According to Android expert Mishaal Rahman That will change soon. In Android 13 QPR1 Beta 2, discover the above functions. Significantly, there have been plans to introduce the feature since Android 11, but only now, with the beta version 13, there are already signs that it is coming. Rahman explains this in a Additional blog post on this topic.

In the video that Rahman managed to make with some experiments, it can be seen that in addition to the above devices, Chromecasts are also included in the list. These are mainly video devices, but can also be used as audio devices with this function. Devices like Google Nest and Home already support audio output, but via the Google Home app. These devices should also appear in the list after this update.

Rahman also talks about a related function: flow dilation. This means that different devices capture the audio output from a smartphone for example. This feature still has a few bugs, but it’s clearly a work in progress at Google.