Anchor: Eufy cameras send images to servers for push notifications – photo and sound – news

Anker Eufy cameras send images to servers to show users push notifications with thumbnails, owner Anker says. Eufy has been discredited in recent days because a YouTuber showed that the images could be accessed across the web.

YouTuber Paul Moore demonstrated it Thumbnails for Eufy can be seen in the service’s web interface. In addition, he did not enable the option to save images online, and could only access his system via the web interface. The web interface called the “get_all_history_record” api to find the images. It turns out that there are also areas for facial recognition.

With the second video He explains that the thumbnails remain accessible even if he removes the notifications from his phone and they no longer appear via api call: the url remains valid and the image remains visible. The link expires after 24 hours.

According to Eufy, saving thumbnails is necessary for notifications to work without cluttering users’ phones with screenshots of those notifications. According to users, Eufy has removed the api call from its web interface; It is not known if the company will do more. Eufy promises users on its own site that images will remain stored locally. “Your recorded footage stays private. Stored locally. With military-grade encryption. And sent to you, and only you.”

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