An Iranian woman dies after being arrested by the Arts Squad: ‘The veil deserves a mistake’

An Iranian woman dies after being arrested by the Arts Squad: 'The veil deserves a mistake'

The woman came to the capital, Tehran, to visit her relatives. According to eyewitnesses, she was caught and beaten because her head was not covered enough. According to her brother, she was taking a rehabilitation lesson at the police station, but when he got there she was found in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

brain damage

Mahsa Amini had such severe head injuries that she suffered brain damage and ended up in a coma. She died a few days later.

According to a police press release, she unexpectedly developed heart problems and was therefore taken to hospital. Amini’s family denies this and says Mahsa is a healthy woman.

shocked and angry

News of Amini’s brutal arrest and death shocked both in Iran and abroad. On social media, people are posting pictures of the woman being on a ventilator.

Iranian celebrities and politicians are also making themselves heard. In anger at the fatal beating, people went to the hospital to protest.

Face recognition

Recently, the number of arrests by the Arts Squad has increased and the action has been taken more aggressively. President Raisi signed a decree last month that has far-reaching consequences for women if they do not adhere to a strict dress code.

Iran is also developing a facial recognition software to see if women are wearing headscarves correctly. Technology should be used especially in public transportation.

Hijab has been compulsory since the Iranian revolution of 1979, but Iranian women are increasingly pushing the boundaries by only partially covering their hair and neck with their headscarves.

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