7 Guidelines for Crypto in America

7 Guidelines for Crypto in America

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Following an executive order by President Joe Biden, another step has been taken in regulating cryptocurrencies in the United States.

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Among other things, the executive order deals with ‘responsible development of digital assets’. From this framework, federal agencies come up with a joint fact sheet. It deals with 7 key directions for crypto regulation in the US.

In total, it concerns 9 separate reports submitted to the President. Idea?

“Creating a clear framework for responsible development of digital assets and paving the way for further action at home and abroad.”

Bitcoin Mining Pool Pool’s company has come up with something to work with as much as possible.

Ten days ago, Poolin announced that it had (temporarily) stopped recording from its platform. They had problems with internal cash flow. As a result, they are not solvent enough to pay everyone proportionately.

Now they come up with a solution: IOU tokens. It indicates I owe you And they are published on Ethereum. This should represent coins that cannot be removed from the platform yet.

A Bitcoin mining pool is a type of software tool where individual Bitcoin miners can join. They jointly invest in computing power and then split the profits proportionately among themselves. This is particularly useful for small miners as it covers ‘bad luck’ risks.

FTX wants to buy bankrupt Voyager Digital. The crypto bank went bankrupt earlier this year and is now looking for a buyer. A Coindesk source reports that the Sam Bankman-Fried exchange has made an offer for the remainder, but other bidders are still pending.

Earlier this week, the bankruptcy court held an auction for Voyager’s assets. For example, consider the customer files created by a crypto bank. They are interesting to other parties in the market. A bidding war broke out between billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried and investment vehicle Wave Financial.

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