June 7, 2023

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An important gas pipeline from Russia to the European Union has been closed as of today

An important gas pipeline from Russia to the European Union has been closed as of today

Russia transports Russian gas via two pipelines through Ukraine to Western Europe. A pipeline to Ukraine runs northeast of Kyiv.

The second lead will enter Ukraine in the Donbass region in the east. The gas eventually travels to Europe via Slovakia and Hungary.

Naftogaz, the operator of Ukraine’s gas network, says it has shut down the pipeline in Donbas because occupiers are interfering with the gas network. According to Naftogaz, the Russian occupiers will extract gas from the pipeline contrary to the agreements, which are already destined for Europe.

no longer responsible

This illegal wiretapping is something the Russians have long accused Ukrainians of in recent years. “Ukraine is not responsible for the transit of gas in the territories occupied by Russia,” Naftogaz said in a statement. website† This was reported to Gazprom.

Naftogaz calls it “force majeure” or something they can’t do anything about themselves.


According to the Ukrainians, gas exports can be diverted through another pipeline that does not pass through the occupied territories. However, according to Gazprom, which exports gas from Russia, this is “technically impossible”.

But Naftogaz CEO Yuri Vitrenko says on twhiter I can’t believe the story of the Russians. He said that in October 2020, when maintenance was being carried out on their part, such a diversion was possible.

A Russian government spokesman said today that Russia will continue to honor gas supply contracts.

import/export kiosks

to me Bloomberg The supply of gas through the pipeline in question has decreased by 18 percent today, while it has increased via the alternative route.

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German network operator Bundesnetzagentur said pipeline gas imports from the Czech Republic (those via Slovakia) fed by pipelines from Ukraine were 25 percent lower today than yesterday.

According to the network operator, this is offset by an “additional import from Norway and the Netherlands”.

Groningen small gas

A Gasunie spokesperson says this is a “relatively limited amount” of gas.

“In recent months, it has already been expected that gas flows will be less from east to west, and more from west to east.”

For Germany, that means less Russian gas and more gas from Norway and LNG via Belgium. More British gas is imported into the Netherlands. “The additional gas we supply to Germany comes from the Groningen field and is still compatible with the agreements we currently have for this.”

billion dollars a day

A quarter of the gas that Europe imports from Russia in this way comes through Ukraine. Despite the war, this delivery continued in recent times.

Russia earned from total fossil energy exports according to Thought Center The Atlantic Council has $1 billion a day since the start of the war.

Don’t panic

Energy expert Hans Van Cleef of ABN Amro does not yet see the European gas trade panic over the message. “We’ve already seen a lot of news. The vision is believable.”

He believes that it will not be clear until tomorrow whether the supply from Ukraine will decrease. There is a bit more quiet in the market. “We are closing more and more deals for alternative LNG and the weather is warm. Stocks need to be built up for next winter, but it won’t happen overnight.”

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