June 5, 2023

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Politie grijpt in bij klimaatprotest Stopera

An anti-extinction rioter is removed from Stopira by the police after a day

About thirty demonstrators from the activist group Extinction Rebellion have been sitting in Stopira Hall since this morning. They are protesting against municipal policy. Activists demand that Amsterdam immediately stop transporting coal at the port. Around 9:30 p.m., the police intervened.

A number of activists were sitting on the floor of the hall. Bicycles were also installed, to which the activists had chained themselves. “It takes heavy artillery fire to set us free,” the activists said. “If necessary, we will bring sleeping bags here and sleep here.”

“Volume is full”

Other demonstrators carried banners, among other things. The text was painted on the glass doors of the aldermen’s meeting room Charcoal cut!! installation.


“It is completely irresponsible that Amsterdam, as a 100% holder of port authority receiving tens of millions in dividends every year, is throwing more and more embers into the fire of a climate crisis.” Explanation sounded From Extinction Rebellion. “The climate damage caused by the Port Authority in this is enormous. There have been many demonstrations on the railways to stop coal trains. It all came to nothing. The measure is full.”

not declared

Mayor Halsema said the operation was classified as a demonstration. “This means that we consult with public order and security (OOV) and the police, not with security.” At the end of the afternoon, the protesters were still at Stopera. The police appeared AT5 Unable to intervene at the moment.

Around 9:10 pm, a spokesperson for Halsema announced that the protesters must still leave.

Reaction spokesman, Mayor of Halsema

“The demonstration is being dismantled. The demonstrators had plenty of time, but now it’s time, the building is closing. Security asked the demonstrators to continue demonstrating outside an hour ago, but unfortunately they didn’t respond. (If they don’t). They don’t leave, they violate They can be arrested for trespassing).”

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