An ailing John de Bevier fan is on the verge of tears after a big surprise

An ailing John de Bevier fan is on the verge of tears after a big surprise

“His heart wasn’t working anymore. His heart just went nuts. As awful as that is, it is [de artsen, red.] He said: He can go home to make memories there and it won’t be long before the boy dies,” John Case’s partner explains to the camera. That’s why the singer decides to visit the boy to give him some cheer. Once at Marciano’s house, John sees how bad he is: “With his face Swollen and distended belly from morphine.” Although John is emotional, he does not want to show this: “Then I must be strong, of course.” The visit to Marciano would not have happened, he explains, “I don’t like it, because I wish the boy lived to a hundred another year.”

After they sang “You Get That Laugh Not From My Face” together, John decided to surprise his young fan: “You can also come to a show if you want.” Marciano bursts into tears with excitement. “Grandpa, we’re going to a show,” he emotionally called his grandfather, who is also visiting. Later that day, Marciano is standing on stage with his wheelchair next to John and even sings a few words. John is happy because he was able to put a smile on his face: “The gallery security guards carried him on stage. He sang along a couple of lines and then crashed. (..) the little guy is completely worn out. He’s awful.”

on the institution’s website heart dream It can be read that Marciano died on October 5 due to the consequences of William syndrome. It was shortly after John de Bevere’s visit. The singer wrote on Twitter that he was a “blessed person” to have been able to meet Marciano. “With love we dedicate tonight’s broadcast to you. Dear Marciano, you are and always will be a champion!”

You can watch the episode again at Videoland.

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