Amnesty Ukraine chief resigns over dissatisfaction with ‘unilateral’ investigation

Amnesty Ukraine chief resigns over dissatisfaction with 'unilateral' investigation

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The resignation of the head of Amnesty International in Ukraine. She did so due to her dissatisfaction with an investigation by Amnesty International’s international branch. Human Rights Organization is over The Ukrainian army is endangering its citizens by building army bases in residential areas, schools and hospitals. Oksana Pokalchuk found this conclusion to be one-sided and a “Russian propaganda tool.”

Amnesty released its findings last Thursday via press release. Between April and July, the human rights organization visited a number of Ukrainian regions where Russian forces launched deadly attacks on populated areas containing apartment buildings, hospitals and schools.

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Based on witnesses and measurements, Amnesty has concluded that the Russian attacks were preceded by Ukrainian shelling from the sites in question. Amnesty said that although Russia is committing the most horrific atrocities, Ukraine is violating international agreements. The organization spoke of a pattern.

Pokalchuk, head of Amnesty Ukraine, described the findings as one-sided. She said she had asked Amnesty several times to include the position of the Ukrainian armed forces in the conclusions. “Unfortunately, we hit a dead end in the early stages of this report.”


According to Pokalchuk, the international division of her organization has given Ukraine’s Defense Ministry “a little time” to respond to the findings. Amnesty International wrote that the organization contacted the ministry on 29 July to obtain a response, but that Amnesty International did not receive it when it was published on 4 August.

As a result, Pokalchuk wrote: “As a result, the organization, unwillingly, created materials that seemed to support Russian stories.” On her Facebook page As a reason to quit smoking. In an effort to protect civilians, this report became Russian propaganda.

The Ukrainian president had hoped for a solution with the international branch yesterday, but now says he sees its efforts will not change anything. “Such important reports, published at such a time and in such a context, must contain data about the other side of the war, about who started this war.”


Ukrainian President Zelensky also strongly criticized the report on Thursday. The responsibility thus passes from the aggressor to the victim.” With the report, “the human rights organization is trying to justify Russian terrorism,” Zelensky said.

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