AMD: ‘Small percentage’ of RX 7900 XTX reference cards have a vapor chamber defect PC News

Any lies you think I told? nothing at all! And expensive GPUs should not be in the hands of fools! Everything is not wired up properly, also on an 8-pin connection that can cause misery.

If you don’t fully disassemble the 1,500-watt vacuum cleaner or if you don’t open a cable reel and use full power, there’s a problem, too. Is this the manufacturer’s fault or just the people who don’t know what they are doing.

GamersNexus did a test with a 12-pin plug, and the only way they could burn it was for the cable to touch the metal pins of the GPU.

His words were right the user’s fault and fools! I completely agree with him. And personally, I have nothing to do with these 12-pin cables, just think about where they go bad. But there are only a few cable burners on over 130k cards (each is a bit too much)

The problem is that this work has to be done by someone who knows the business, such as a computer store or retailer.

Everyone buys a ticket and then one of the apartment building must survive the fall? Come!
I have a Ryzen 9 5900X and currently an RX 6800XT, so I just have an AMD system myself.

This doesn’t change the fact that this problem with AMD is huge, and what Habana also points out is that AMD adamantly denied everything first! And they’ll first tell themselves they’ll give Nvidia a hit with the expensive 4000 series (which I would have applauded) but then they miss the mark completely.

First with misleading predictions about card power, 50-70% faster than the 6950XT and it turned out to be only 30% on average!

Then they make the card the same cost as Nvidia cards except for a little bit (7900XTX vs 4080) and then sell the 7900XT for $100 less while it’s 15% slower 😖

It sounds like you don’t want to face the truth and that is that AMD is very concerned about shareholders and wants to maximize profits just like Nvidia. But the products are still a little behind. With ray tracing, they are again behind the first series in terms of performance and raster power as well.

AMD has sold quite a few new 7000 series CPUs because their motherboard prices are ridiculously high and they’re breaking their windows quite a bit. This is unfortunate because Lisa S is doing an amazing job. The company is virtually dead and buried before it can be set.

Then it is a pity to have such a blunder again. Scott H was so proud the day before launch we’re going to smash Nvidia he said that… well… sounded too deep in the glass?

Then the drivers. Nvidia…then nothing for a long time, then AMD….then Intel somewhere in the end…but I’ll give it time.

So I am nothing shortsighted and have only stated the facts. I can’t if you don’t like to hear it. Sometimes people say the truth hurts.

By the way, just to reinforce my point. Nvidia has never had a big share in GPU sales. Almost 86%, AMD 8%, and Intel up to 4%!

That says it all about sales! Even with a 580 AMD or Vega card, it’s never been that low. Customers no longer want AMD because there are too many problems!

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