After 15 rounds of polling, McCarthy is still the new Speaker of the House Abroad

After 15 rounds of polling, McCarthy is still the new Speaker of the House  Abroad

Republican Kevin McCarthy was elected the new speaker of the US House of Representatives after the fifteenth round of voting.

On the night from Friday to Saturday in Washington, he was supported by 216 party members, and that was enough. In the 14th round of voting earlier on Friday, he was a short vote. Before the start of the fifteenth ballot, hundreds of parliamentarians chanted, “once again.(again) in the US House of Commons.

The leader of the largest party is usually appointed president after a single vote. This time it was different. For four days now, McCarthy’s nomination has been blocked by a group of 20 ultra-conservative Republicans.

McCarthy managed to get some sleepers behind him. However, the fourteenth elections held on Friday failed to secure the presidency. This is because one of the representatives, Matt Gaetz, voted “present” instead of McCarthy. Earlier this Republican voted against McCarthy.

It was very important that a new president be elected. Without a president, parliamentarians cannot take oaths and go to work. Insiders fear that the US House of Representatives is having a hard time. It will not be possible to find a majority in all subjects. Democratic presidential nominee Hakeem Jeffries has always received the support of all 212 members of his party.

President Joe Biden, in response to McCarthy’s nomination, said he was willing to work with Republicans and put “the interests of American families” first.

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