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AMD introduced three new versions of its Ryzen 5000 laptop processors, the Ryzen 7 5825U, the Ryzen 5625U, and the Ryzen 3 5425U. This is the new Apus built on TSMC’s 7nm process. It combines up to eight Zen 3 cores with up to seven Vega GPU cores.

In addition to AMD New Line of Ryzen 6000 Laptop Processors It also introduced three new versions of the Ryzen 5000 laptop processor. It’s about a to update Cezanne chips, formerly called “Barceló”. The processors come from the U series. This is a series aimed at ultra-thin laptops.

New processors appeared on the AMD website They include Ryzen 7 5825U, Ryzen 5625U, and Ryzen 3 5425U. It is manufactured using TSMC’s 7nm process and uses up to eight Zen 3 cores and up to eight Vega GPU cores. By comparison, Ryzen 6000 APUs feature Zen 3+ cores and RDNA2 GPUs, which are produced at 6nm. A smaller production process means better performance while the processor remains economical.

CPU cores the above. clock speed base clock speed graphic cores
Ryzen 7 5825U 8 4.5 GHz 2 GHz 8
Ryzen 5 5625U 6 4.3 GHz 2,3 GHz 7
Ryzen 3 5425U 4 4.1 GHz 2.7 GHz 6

The most powerful apu of the three is the Ryzen 7 5825U. This combines 8 Zen 3 cores with a Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU. The difference between the three is also in the L2 and L3 memory. The 5825U has 4MB of L2 and 16MB of L3 memory, the 5625U has 3MB of L2 and 16MB of L3 and the 5425U has 2MB of L2 and 8MB of L3 memory.

Unlike its predecessor, the new versions of the 5000 series do not use a Cézanne chip, but a renewed Barcelo chip, Videocardz explained in October. This is a more economical and cheaper alternative to the Rembrandt-U chip, which is also designed for thinner Ultrabooks. Barcelo also has less thermal design power 15 watts from Rembrandt U.

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