Amazon Netherlands releases Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Stick on November 17 – picture and sound – news

This is also the reason to stay away from Amazon.

Many consumers consider only the cheapest, but not the long-term. If everyone starts buying in bulk on Amazon, there will be no competitors soon, just as MM swallowed many small businesses downtown and then raised prices dramatically. In addition, the service at these large companies is often low-key, see the comments here on about Amazon.

The danger also lies in their presence in an incredible number of branches: AWS, Amazon Prime, Audiobooks, etc. – all in addition to their shopping activities. One solution is to split the company, something they also plan to do with the parent company of Google, but which would be very difficult.

You could say they are market forces, but in the ISP market we also see what can happen if you only have a few big companies left.

So it’s good that everyone is so excited about those low prices, but Netflix isn’t the same as it started before, like Spotify: it doesn’t matter to lose so much, then increase prices, and even make money.

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