“Along with Monza, this is his strongest weekend with us”

"Along with Monza, this is his strongest weekend with us"

The Grand Prix in the United States disappointed McLaren over the weekend. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris finished fifth and eighth, while rival Ferrari performed better. Nevertheless, Andreas was satisfied with the Australian in the seat.

McLaren captain Ricciardo looks to be in good shape. Driving was clearly difficult to operate with his McLaren car at the start of the season, but he has shown his qualities in the last few races. So Seidl is confident he will get several points for the team at the end of the season.

“This is definitely Daniel’s strong weekend”, The judges spoke with Seidl Motorsport.com. “Along with Monza, it was his strongest weekend with us. It could be his best weekend on the track with so many different angles. I’m so glad he’s been able to put on such a weekend. , So I’m happy. “

McLaren and Ferrari in battle

McLaren still have to work hard in the last five races to retain third place in the Constructors’ Championship. The racing position is only 3.5 points ahead of Ferrari, which means the Italians can already overtake a competitor in the rankings for the next race.

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